Turtlebot3 Burger: weird behaviour after battery ran low

asked 2020-12-03 06:32:39 -0500


my Turtlebot3 Burger exhibits some weird behaviour every time its battery ran low:

  • The alarm sounds
  • I connect "shore power" (alarm mutes immediately)
  • I swap the battery I
  • I disconnect "shore power"

    --> It wont drive (though messages on /cmd_vel topic are coming in)

Rebooting the Raspi (something I would like to avoid), disconnecting/reconnecting the OpenCR USB, nothing helps


  • Power-cycling the OpenCR

brings the little bugger back to life, which unfortunately involves rebooting the Raspi (something I would like to avoid ;-)

It seems the "battery low" state persists the battery swap...

Any suggestions/fixes?


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