Installing ROS Melodic on macOS Catalina 10.15

asked 2020-11-28 10:25:11 -0500

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I have been followin this tutorial to try install ROS but can not get past this error I am getting when running step 2.5.2 (building the catking workspace)

$ ./src/catkin/bin/catkin_make_isolated --install -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DCMAKE_MACOSX_RPATH=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_RPATH=$HOME/ros_catkin_ws/install_isolated/lib

I get a lot of warnings and errors that looks like this (I am not pasting the entire result as it is huge)

    In file included from /Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/src/libros/subscriber.cpp:29:
In file included from /Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/include/ros/node_handle.h:39:
/Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/include/ros/steady_timer.h:52:54: warning: 
      defaulted function definitions are a C++11 extension [-Wc++11-extensions]
  SteadyTimer& operator=(const SteadyTimer& other) = default;
In file included from /Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/src/libros/topic_manager.cpp:28:
In file included from /Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/include/ros/topic_manager.h:34:
In file included from /Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/include/ros/rosout_appender.h:41:
/Users/coloradete/ros_catkin_ws/src/ros_comm/roscpp/include/ros/internal/condition_variable.h:71:7: error: 
      use of undeclared identifier 'pthread_condattr_setclock'; did you mean
      pthread_condattr_setclock(&attr, CLOCK_MONOTONIC);

I think it could be because it is using a different version of C++ to compile, but do not know how to make it use C++11 as the warning says.

Any ideas?


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Hey! Did you find the solution?

pavelsamoylenko gravatar image pavelsamoylenko  ( 2021-01-18 17:55:38 -0500 )edit

Nope, installed all over a Linux machine and worked from there, sry

Coloradete gravatar image Coloradete  ( 2021-01-19 12:16:53 -0500 )edit