Process has died when roslaunch motor.launch [closed]

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Sorry, I'm still quite new to ROS. Could anyone explains to me what type of error is this? Happened when I tried to roslaunch motor.launch.

[youbot_driver-2] process has died [pid 21879, exit code 127, cmd /home/ariccspstk/catkin_ws/devel/lib/youbot_driver_ros_interface/youbot_driver_ros_interface arm_1/joint_states:=joint_states __name:=youbot_driver __log:=/home/ariccspstk/.ros/log/64e82552-24bb-11eb-a37e-54b203936f79/youbot_driver-2.log]. log file: /home/ariccspstk/.ros/log/64e82552-24bb-11eb-a37e-54b203936f79/youbot_driver-2*.log

SOLVED: Missing libtf2-ros-dev package, my bad.

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