ROS and makePlan function?

asked 2020-11-08 10:22:18 -0500

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updated 2020-11-09 09:58:43 -0500

Hello I wrote a c++ simulator to randomly generate a start,goal(buttons), and randomly generates obstacles based obstacles ratio(20%,30%, and 40% in drop-down menu) for occupancy grid map and store the map in 2d array. Then, I run my path planning algorithm and A* in the same map and the same scenario of start, goal, obstacles. Now, I want to integrate my algorithm as global planner in ROS and I start writing the makePlan function.

How could I link between the part of simulator that randomly generate a start,goal, and obstacles, and makePlan function? makePlan is called when move_base asks for new plan, and makePlan receives start and goal as parameters, but from where? can the map be 2d array of integers?

I appreciate any comment or help.

If you know any tutorial or book to help understanding the steps involved in the navigation, most of the tutorials are description, I need something to describe steps, I mean which is called first in navigation, next, next, ....etc

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