How to avoid rospack error in an environment where ROS is not installed

asked 2020-11-02 04:14:37 -0500

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Hello guys,

So I want to create a UI application using Qt that should basically run in any environment (Linux, Windows. Android or iOS). I need to run the UI in systems that do not have ROS installed. So I developed an UI application using Qt Creator and deployed the application as AppImage. The idea is to have ros master run in a different system(master). The UI will be run in a different no-ROS system(slave).

The AppImage runs perfectly well in systems that have ROS installed. Whereas in no-ROS systems, I get the following error when I run the AppImage:-

[rospack] Error: package 'image_transport' not found [librospack]: error while executing command terminate called after throwing an instance of 'pluginlib::ClassLoaderException' what(): Unable to find package: image_transport Aborted (core dumped)

The image_transport is just one of the ROS packages I am using. When deploying, the application automatically takes the as a shared library. But I get this rospack error when running the AppImage. I am assuming this to be a ROS related issue. How can I solve this without having to install ROS?

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I found myself in a similar situation with this rospack error, when trying to use a lib (for rosbag manipulation) outside a ROS environment.. did you managed to solve the problem somehow?

pedroexe gravatar image pedroexe  ( 2021-03-08 06:05:50 -0500 )edit