It is possible to establish connection between two devices with different networks?

asked 2020-10-27 08:52:25 -0500

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Hi everyone, I am trying to send some sensor data from a RasPi 4 as ROS messages to a PC. The node is ran in the RasPi and the idea is to listen the messages sent, in the PC.

What I have made so far to establish the connection is editing the .bashrc files in both devices in order to communicate with the same Master (in RasPi), but without success (the same as in this video:

I have two hypothesis:

  1. It is extremely neccesary that both devices share the same internet connection (The PC is connected to ethernet, and the RasPi to a WLAN, but from different router).

  2. As the ROS environment in the PC is in a Docker container, it is on principle kind of tricky to assure that connection.

Thank you for you help, if you need further information please let me know.

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I am out of my league trying to answer this question. But can you ping each computer from each other?

JackB gravatar image JackB  ( 2020-10-27 11:37:27 -0500 )edit