¿GPS Glonass Ublox7 con nmea_serial_driver? [closed]

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Hello I am trying to connect a GPS Usb Glonass Ublox7 with nmea_serial_driver and I can't. I have checked where it is connected using ls / dev / tty * and I have it connected in ttyACM1. If I run the command: $ sudo cat /dev/ttyACM1 or $ sudo cat /dev/gps1 I get NMEA sentence. However when running the command: $ rosrun nmea_serial_driver _port:/dev/ttyACM1 _baud:=115200 I get the following error: The Glonass GPS supports any standard baud rate. If I run the following command: $ groups <myusername>

I get the following: <myusername> : lauratfg adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape sudo audio dip video plugdev input nopasswdlogin lpadmin scanner gpio i2c spi sambashare samba

I don't know what else to do ... Help please. Does this gps not work with nmea_serial_driver?

Thank you. Greetings.

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