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Best Simulator for autonomous driving?

asked 2020-10-26 04:26:52 -0600

kubsone gravatar image

Hello, I started a project, where I would like to simulate autonomous driving/parking with an existing vehicle. I have an stl mesh of the vehicle, and I would like to add lidars and cameras to see how would they work in real life. My question is, what is the best environment to do that? I think gazebo is too complicated for that because of the urdf models. My vehicle is not a conventional car, and it's articulated so the steering is a little bit different. It would be nice if the simulator had integration with ROS, to publish data on topics. Thank you for any advice!

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answered 2020-10-26 09:44:46 -0600

miura gravatar image

I believe the following two are well known


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Asked: 2020-10-26 04:26:52 -0600

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