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Hello, I'm trying to set a robot (a drone) to follow a certain pattern, throughout the map in the link below (I can't upload images).

The map displayed is with the color scheme "costmap" and represents a burnt area, where the most affected areas, are the areas in purple, where the fire was more intense. My objective is for the robot to limit or restrict these areas and follow the edge (not burnt / burnt).

However I am having some difficulties with the costmaps part, whenever I send a goal, the robot tries to move whithin its pixel but ends up stuck in a loop and doesn't move from its initial position.

Near the robot it is possible to see both local and global costmaps, but I don't know which parameters to change in the yaml files (I've looked it up but the parameters/ values I'm changing don't seem to do anything) in order to increase or change these costmaps and create a path where the robot can go (not burnt areas), or can't go (burnt areas).

Can someone help me by saying what parameters change (or directly influence) the costmaps areas or guide me in a better direction? TIA!

image with costmaps

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This pdf might be helpful:

GeorgNo gravatar image GeorgNo  ( 2020-10-08 09:04:41 -0500 )edit

It helped! Thanks a lot!

nmpm gravatar image nmpm  ( 2020-10-09 06:08:46 -0500 )edit