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ROS1 & ROS2 multiple machine

asked 2020-09-24 15:39:13 -0500

Aviad gravatar image

updated 2021-04-24 02:31:14 -0500


I have ROS1 on PC_1 (melodic,ubuntu 18.04) and on the PC_2 I have ROS2 (foxy, ubuntu 20.0).

I found out that there is a 'ros1_bridge' that is resposible for the topics trasformation between the different ROS systems.

I don't realized if I should installe ROS2 on PC_1 to use the multiple machine or it is will work only with the 'ros1_bridge'?

It will be very helpful if someone will write here the steps to do this task.

Thanks people, Aviad

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answered 2020-09-25 07:24:43 -0500

allenh1 gravatar image

You won't need to install ROS 2 on PC 1, but you will likely need to install ROS 1 (noetic) on PC 2.

After you do that, you'll just need ROS_MASTER_URI set to the same host for both machines (so they can both find the running instance of roscore).

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Thank you for your reply. I have to install neotic on the ROS1 machine?why not melodic?

So, if I understand well, I need to install ROS1 on the machine with ROS2 on it. After that, I need to launch the ros1_bridge on that machine and to configure the right ROS_MASTER_URI either. Right?

Best Regards, Aviad

Aviad gravatar image Aviad  ( 2020-09-29 02:37:42 -0500 )edit

I´m guessing because melodic doesn´t run on Ubuntu 20.04 but noetic does so it would be quite hard to install melodic properly. And there is not much difference between melodic and noetic when you look at the messaging system so you probably won´t have any issues using a bridge built for noetic even though you are using melodic (I never ran into any issues and I´m using the melodic and foxy as well but I only use very basic message types)

TheBee gravatar image TheBee  ( 2020-10-12 06:11:40 -0500 )edit

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