Sequence Synchronizer (like TimeSynchronizer)

asked 2020-09-24 08:36:01 -0500

Itoshiki gravatar image

Lets say I've following basic properties in my custom ROS message

std_msgs/Header header
uint32 mySequenceId
string myData

ROS provides some time based synchronization -->

I want now, similiar to TimeSynchronizer with ExactTime policy, a synchronizer for a exact sequence id for multiple message sources.

The mySequenceId denotes a "logical frame" so I can synchronize nodes and trigger them on the same logical application data.

I know there is already a sequence in header.seq-->

But it's set automatically by the publisher and is deprecated and should not be used in the application logic. -->

Could someone point me into the right direction of porting the following sources to a something like a MyExactSequenceSynchronizer

The templating goes over my head, I cannot even find where I could define which property is used for synchronization.

My workaround would be to write custom code into the subscribers and checks for the sequence id and trigger the main if everything aligns.

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