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asked 2020-09-23 13:29:55 -0500

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Hi. I was making great progress building ROS services and well as some topics. Suddenly, I'm unable to run the most current version of what I build.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS2 dashing, python version 3. All my coding is being done in C.

I can successfully build using colcon build --packages-select <mypackage>

No errors. However, when I try to run my code (a service in this case) a previous version runs instead of the one I just edited. I know this because I version all my major changes and print a version number to the screen on startup. I can't find any indication of an error or warning message from ROS anyplace.

In addition, my latest version creates some new executable. I can see the executables on the disk, but ROS insists "no executable found" when I try to run one of the new executables.

jwf@VirtualBoxS1:~/ros2_dashing/dev_ws/src$ ros2 run camera_settings client No executable found

This code was working earlier today and then started giving the problems I just described. I'm pretty sure I'm fighting an environment issue someplace. Spent several hours looking on forums - no answer. Does anyone have any idea? Is there a way to explicitly tell ROS the location to search for the executable?

From what I can tell ROS is building in one location and looking in another when trying to run it.

Any advice would be appreciated, advice leading to a solution, even more so.

Thanks, Steve

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