How to use laser_scan_matcher in the kinetic version?

asked 2020-09-22 01:09:28 -0500

xdj gravatar image
    I now have 2D radar data, and I hope to use the data to call the "laser_scan_matcher" function package to generate the corresponding odometer data, and then use gmapping to generate the map.
    But after I have completed all the corrections, when I run the "demo_gmapping.launch" program, the above problem will always be prompted, and the node "laser_scan_matcher" cannot be loaded;
    The following is the error statement: ERROR: cannot launch node of type [laser_scan_matcher/laser_scan_matcher_node]: can't locate node [laser_scan_matcher_node] in package [laser_scan_matcher].
    My "laser_scan_matcher" was compiled without problems, the library "libgs10-dev" was successfully installed, and the function package "csm" was also installed successfully. I checked according to the URL " ", but it still did not solve my problem. 
    Due to this problem, the base_link and odom in my tf tree are disconnected, and gmapping cannot build a map. Hope everyone can help me solve this problem.
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