How to configure tabletop detector's table_z_filter_min/max ? [closed]

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Hi all,

I came across something strange when trying to grab objects on the ground with the tabletop detector. When grabbing objects on a table the point cloud is filtered using :

table_z_filter_min = -0.5

table_z_filter_max = -0.01

Now, in order to detect objects on the ground, I need to set these parameters to

table_z_filter_min = 0.01

table_z_filter_max = 0.5,

otherwise no object is detected.

According to the comments in "tabletop_segmentation.cpp" these values are the min and max values accepted for 3D points in the table frame. How comes then that parameters need to be changed when objects are on the ground ?

I'm using ROS eletric with ubuntu 11.04

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