Best suited embedded system or compute module for ROS Kinetic.

asked 2020-09-13 00:19:28 -0500

Hey folks, I hope you guys are doing well.

Currently, we am working on a 6 DOF robotic arm on Kinetic ROS infrastructure. We are using our laptops for building and testing purposes right now. We are planning to move this to some compute modules or embedded systems, like NVIDIA Jetson Nano, raspberry pi, etc. with an aim to productize it.

We basically want to implement moveIt, perception and model prediction using deep learning(in some rare cases).

Most of the compute modules available online are either for ROS Indigo (as given here) or ROS Melodic (as in the case of Jetson Nano). Can we use Raspberry Pi 4 for this purpose (remember, our goal is to productize) ?

We need someone's guidance on this. We would really appreciate it.

Thank in advance.

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