Support for parameter type: dictionary

asked 2020-09-09 07:42:48 -0600

doronhi gravatar image

Is dictionary type supported? Working on the realsense ROS2 wrapper, I came across an issue while trying to set "dynamic reconfigure" parameters.

For example, the parameter rgb_camera/power_line_frequency has 3 available option: Disabled - 0 50 Hz - 1 60 Hz - 2 Auto - 3

In ROS1, using ddynamic_reconfigure I had a function: registerEnumVariable. Using rqt_reconfigure in ROS1, it looks like that: image

Is there a parallel in ROS2?

And on that note, is there an option for rqt in ROS2 to collapse parameters into groups, the way it's done in rqt_reconfigure in ROS1?

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