robot is going in circle, in wrong cordinates

asked 2020-08-30 03:39:19 -0500

ridwan gravatar image

Hi, I have a 4 wheel robot, from the center the wheels are .20m apart. the speed is .628ms-1. so i wanted to make the robot to go in a circle of a certain radius. so what i did is, used following formula outsidewheel = v/r * (r + .20)

insidewheel = v/r * (r - .20)

I tried to give r =2.12 m.

i send outside wheels(front and back) and inside wheels velocities as i got from above.

i did some manual calculations, the robot's initial position is 0,0. so it should have go (3,3) then (6,0) then (-3,-3) then come back to 0,0.

but the robot goes to (12,0) when it should have been (6,0). and it does not goes to any one of the above point except comes back to (0,0).

is there any problem with gazebo?the calculations should have been okay.

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