ROS2 Wildcard Subscriptions

asked 2020-08-19 05:20:14 -0600

justinscorringe gravatar image

Hi there, I am writing a Golang project which subscribes to ROS2 topics and deserializes CDR data according to the .msg specification of the topic type. I am choosing this route as I would like to support all types on the fly, without static references to rosidl_message_type_support_t types. The rcl_take_serialized_message() is what I am using to do this; however the rcl_subscription_init() still requires me to implement the message type interfaces, despite not needing to use the ros deserialization.

What is the bare minimum to initialize the subscription, and is it possible with a wildcard type?

My only alternative at this point is to port the rosidl type generator, of which I'm unsure of both the implementation requirements and feasibility in golang.

Thank you very much!

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