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Simulating Robot in Gazebo - Full TF tree not being broadcasted

asked 2020-08-07 15:47:41 -0600

thejose gravatar image

I have the URDF for a kuka robot. When I simulate it using Rviz I obtain the following complete TF Tree:

base_link -> calib_kuka_arm_base_link -> kuka_arm_1_link -> kuka_arm_2_link -> kuka_arm_3_link -> kuka_arm_4_link -> kuka_arm_5_link -> kuka_arm_6_link -> kuka_arm_7_link

And all the transforms are also published on the /tf topic.

(The actual output of rosrun tf view_frames, i.e. frames.pdf can be found here. I do not have enough points to attach it to the answer.)

However, when I simulate the same URDF on Gazebo I get only the following partial TF Tree:

world -> calib_kuka_arm_base_link

And nothing is published on the /tf topic.

(The actual output of rosrun tf view_frames, can be found here)

Why does this happen? How do I obtain the complete TF Tree (as seen in Rviz) in Gazebo? I need this in order to find the end effector pose w.r.t base link. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Info: When simulating the urdf on Rviz, I change the name of the fixed link from 'world' to 'base_link' to satisfy the Rviz naming convention.

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answered 2020-08-07 17:07:03 -0600

thejose gravatar image

I was able to figure out the solution myself.

The robot state publisher has to be publishing /joint_states in the same namespace as the joint_state_controller.

I don't exactly know why this works though. Any additional information would be much appreciated.

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