How to publish in joy-topic using rospy

asked 2020-08-03 20:12:18 -0600

SamFlynn gravatar image

Hi, Hope you are doing well.I am very new in ros and this is my first question so forgive me for mistakes.

I am running ros-kinetic on a windows machine using WSL(ubuntu 16.04). It provides a Linux like terminal and is sort of like a "virtual machine".

Unfortunately it doesn't support USB joysticks yet.To overcome this limitation I am using a running a python script in windows to capture the joystick events and sending it to a receiver script in which is running in wsl using socket module.

Now I am trying to write a publisher to publish the received joystick data in the joy topic using a custom node named vjoy_node. But I am confused about the joy message's data structure.

It would really great if someone could show how can I properly set all the variables in joy messages to some arbitrary values and publish in that topic.

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