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Hi all, I'm getting this error:

This happens randomly, spanning from every half-second to every 5 seconds. I have a diff_drive_controller robot running in gazebo and Rviz. It is running the move_base package. I think it might be AMCL doing something weird, but I really don't know. Any help is appreciated!

rostopic info /testerino_controller/diff_drive_controller/odom Type: nav_msgs/Odometry

Publishers: * /gazebo (http://will-ubuntu:36909/)

Subscribers: * /move_base (http://will-ubuntu:45765/)

TF: rostopic info /tf Type: tf/tfMessage

Publishers: * /robot_state_publisher (http://will-ubuntu:41597/) * /amcl (http://will-ubuntu:43131/) * /gazebo (http://will-ubuntu:36909/)

Subscribers: * /move_base (http://will-ubuntu:45765/) * /amcl (http://will-ubuntu:43131/) * /rviz (http://will-ubuntu:44755/)

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