ICP-based motion model for AMCL

asked 2020-07-28 14:56:18 -0600

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i'm going through the AMCL architecture and i have one question that i can not find an explicit answer to it, i hope that someone can help for it.

In the prediction step of a particle filter, we have the proposal distribution that describe the motion of the robot, the most famous motion model is the odometry-based motion model described in the Probabilistic Robotics famous book (the same model is implemented in the AMCL package). My thinking is the following : When i use ICP scan matching method to compute relative position (odometry), then i provide this results as odometry input in the AMCL package and it will use it as a command (like in the book), so my question is based on that : Is it correct to use odometry resulted from ICP method in the odometry-based motion model (in practice it works very good) or its better to use ICP method directly as a motion model ?

Hoping that my explanation was clear, if not please feel free to ask me more clarification about that.

Thank you

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