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Point cloud / Mesh reconstruction of an object

asked 2020-07-22 09:49:50 -0500

Jay4Ros gravatar image


I am looking for a solution to create a "complete" point cloud / mesh of an object using a custom depth camera (kinect v2, kinect for azure). I have now come to know the rtabmap package (other ideas also welcome), that is intended for localization and mapping of robots. The two use cases seem similar. Therefore, I have a couple of questions regarding rtabmap and my use case:

  • In my scenario it would be easier to move the object, not the sensor. rtabmap aims to ignore these kind of movements, but is there a way to make it happen? Possibly it would work by masking out the object from the scene, such that rtabmap is "fooled" into thinking the camera moved?
  • Since I only want to obtain the point cloud of an object, I would anyway prefer to remove other parts from the scene. I imagine I can do that by masking the depth images (i.e. setting non-interest parts to 0) or by providing only the part of the point cloud of interest via the subscribed topic "scan_cloud". Does rtabmap work without any images but only the point cloud?

Thank you!

P.S. Is there a tutorial that explains rtabmapviz in more detail?

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answered 2020-08-21 14:36:04 -0500

matlabbe gravatar image

updated 2020-08-21 14:37:56 -0500

We don't have examples for object scanning with rtabmap. It would require some tuning based on the sensor used. It is possible to scan with only point clouds. I added an example with K4A here:

If the object is on a rotating round table, you could change the max_depth parameter here to cut the background. The decimation and voxel size may be decreased to get more geometry details on small objects.

EDIT: Recommended to build rtabmap with libpointmatcher so that this example works as expected.


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