How to handle mismatch problem on Matlab-ROS-Gazebo Simulator?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a newcommer to ROS. Just now I'm working on Pick-and-Place Workflow in Gazebo using ROS. This job is mainly supported by Matlab since it provides plenty of toolboxes. More details here link text.

Following tutorials on Mathworks, I've installed softwares needed successfully and done some basic trials. However, my code always fails sending information to Gazebo. Here is the description of error.

[ERROR] [1594909171.062428729, 4675.306000000]: Client [/matlab_global_node_42365] wants topic /my_gen3/gen3_joint_trajectory_controller/follow_joint_trajectory/result to have datatype/md5sum [control_msgs/FollowJointTrajectoryActionResult/bce83d50f7bb28226801436caf0e2043], but our version has [control_msgs/FollowJointTrajectoryActionResult/c4fb3b000dc9da4fd99699380efcc5d9]. Dropping connection.

And then I turned to ROS wiki and found that my problem a mismatch one. More details here link text

md5sum mismatch

This is either two different versions of a message at either end or actually different messages.

Make sure that all directories are up to date and have been rebuilt by doing a rosmake in any package you are launching
Note: If you are running on multiple machines they must all be consistent. 

Make sure that the sender and receiver are expecting the same message

If you are playing out of a log file the contents may be out of date see rosrecord

However, I have no idea how to figure it out. I am not sure whether my software versions are proper or not. Most of my code comes from examples in Matlab, which makes it hard for me to debug from function to function. I wonder if my problem is general.

The version information of my softwares: Matlab R2020a, ROS 1.14.2, Gazebo 9.

Practical solutions are highly appreciated.

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