[Autoware 1.14] How to launch scenario_runner with AutoWare? (carla_simulation_bridge)

asked 2020-07-15 10:03:07 -0600

jester gravatar image

I have installed Cara 0.9.8 and its scenario runner. If I run the scenario runner

sh CARLA_UE4.sh 

python scenario_runner.py --openscenario srunner/examples/CyclistCrossing.xosc --reloadWorld 

roslaunch carla_autoware_bridge carla_autoware_bridge_with_manual_control.launch

The scenario is not loaded to carla_autoware_bridge_with_manual_control.launch. The tutorial (https://github.com/Autoware-AI/simula...) says:

roslaunch $CARLA_AUTOWARE_ROOT/devel.launch role_name:=hero spawn_point:="107,133,0.5,0,0,0"

But there is no devel.launch which is somehow outdated.

So how to start scenarios together with AutoWare?

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