how to set teb obstacle_association parameters

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I am tuning teb_local_planner with melodic version.

I am confusing for new obstacle assosciation parameters,

  type: circular
  radius: 0.3
min_obstacle_dist: 0.15 

legacy_obstacle_association: false
obstacle_association_force_inclusion_factor: 2
obstacle_association_cutoff_factor: 5

Q1: For a circle footprint model, Does the min_obstacle_dist include base radius?

Q2: For new version obstacle association strategy when legacy_obstacle_association is false, how to understand it? cutoff_fator param should be larger than force_inclusion_factor? when robot faces obstacle , teb might produce a path, cross obstacle and unknow map area, this scene planned path is invalid to achieve, but teb try to arrive there.

rviz images

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