Connect To/Set Up Access Point Via ROS Node

asked 2020-07-14 15:27:22 -0500

ProbablyHuman gravatar image

Hi all, I would like to have two raspberry pi 3A+'s (running ubuntu 16.04) and my phone connect to a wifi network hosted by one of the pi's. I Know that it is possible to have a rpi become a ap automatically on boot, but I would also like the system to be able to work with only one rpi.

Since the phone would have to connect to an access point, i couldnt just set up one pi to host and one to connect, since if the connecting pi were left alone it wouldnt find an access point. This lead me to an idea where each pi start out by looking for an existing access point, and if it is unable to find any, turn itself into an access point. So now im wondering how I could preform this via a ros node so it could start when the pi is powered.

Or if this problem would be better handles by another porgram that is not ros, do let me know which program that is and how I could use it so. Anyway, all input is appreciated, thanks! =)

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