Running rospy dependent file in Github Actions

asked 2020-07-10 00:37:43 -0500

MichaelTeguhLaksana gravatar image

I'm trying to implement CI with Github Actions to a repository. In the workflow, I would like to run a test script using pytest. However, the test script and the script it is testing had a rospy dependency, although the dependency is not vital to the test, where it is publishing the result of certain calculation (node.Publisher is mocked using pytest).

I'm still new to ROS and I am a bit confused about what I need to install. Do I need to install the whole ROS library for the test or do I only need to install rospy? If I only need to download rospy, how do I specify what distro I am using? What is the best way to install the package and add it to the path in Github Actions?

I tried sudo apt-get install -y python-rospy, but the package is not detected by python with ImportError: No module named rospy.

I am running the test in Ubuntu 18.04 and the distro I am using is Melodic.

Thank you in advance

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