how do I plan cartesian with velocity larger than 2 rad/s?

asked 2020-07-07 05:50:29 -0500

(plan_1, fraction) = group.compute_cartesian_path (
                                waypoints,   # waypoint poses
                                2,        # eef_step
                                0.0,         # jump_threshold
                                True)        # avoid_collisions

# Note: We are just planning, not asking move_group to actually move the root yet:
plan = group.retime_trajectory(robot.get_current_state(),plan_1,1,1)
display_trajectory = moveit_msgs.msg.DisplayTrajectory()

the snippet code above is cartesian path planning. Although I set the joint max_velocity = 4, the output trajectory's velocity of each joint can not be greater than 1.5 rad/s. How can I increase the velocity? Thank you!

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