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rviz_imu_plugin/imu failed to load

asked 2020-07-05 19:28:42 -0600

ildaniel gravatar image

updated 2020-07-06 02:50:04 -0600

gvdhoorn gravatar image

I am trying to make the husky robot automatically explore a map with the explore_lite package. I use melodic on 18.04 and the melodic-devel branches of each package. In new terminals, running source ~/husky_ws/devel/setup.bash in each, I command:

roslaunch husky_viz view_robot.launch

and encounter the following error:

[ERROR] [1593994893.360426019, 1308.840000000]: PluginlibFactory: The plugin for class 'rviz_imu_plugin/Imu' failed to load.  Error: Could not find library corresponding to plugin rviz_imu_plugin/Imu. Make sure the plugin description XML file has the correct name of the library and that the library actually exists.

I did also clone the package in my /src. I didn't change the contents of the package_description.xml, which reads:

<library path="lib/librviz_imu_plugin">

  <class name="rviz_imu_plugin/Imu"

      Displays the orientation and acceleration components of sensor_msgs/Imu messages.



Any advice about changing the xml of file layout is appreciated!!

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2 Answers

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answered 2021-03-10 01:31:50 -0600

Hi ildaniel,

You are missing a plugin. Just execute the following:

  • sudo apt-get install ros-$(rosversion -d)-rviz-imu-plugin

Hope it works.

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With lack of response from the original poster, I marked this as an answer, not because this seems a solution but because this might likely resolve the issue. From the OP's description, we can only tell that pluginlib was told to find rviz_imu_plugin/IMU plugin but couldn't find, which doesn't directly mean .deb package was not installed. But it's likely.

130s gravatar image 130s  ( 2023-05-25 09:46:42 -0600 )edit

answered 2020-12-19 06:19:42 -0600

Anis Koubaa gravatar image

just install it sudo apt-get install ros-<ros-distribution>-rviz-imu-plugin

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