how to use autoware openplanner to generate a path

asked 2020-07-04 07:50:45 -0500

Damon0011 gravatar image

How use open global planner when play bag. when I use autoware1.14, I choose the modules as following: setup: TF , vehiclle model map: point cloud map, vector map, TF sensing: voxel_grid_filter, ring_ground_filter computing: Location-ndt_mating, vel_pose_connect Detection: lidar_cluster and lidar_kf_counter_track Mission Planning: op_global_planner Motion Planning: all op local planner options, pursuit and twist then I start rviz, and play bag. In rviz, I choose the goal point, and the goal point topic is right. but I can not receive any messages in topic /lane_waypoints_arry and it can't generate a global path in rviz. Did I miss any operations or something is wrong?

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