Hector Slam generates Blank Map even Without Error

asked 2020-07-03 15:35:27 -0500

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Respected Members, I am relatively new to ROS and currently I am trying to implement SLAM through Hector SLAM through coppeliaSim simulation. I will briefly explain the steps/parameters that i have implemented:

Step 1: TF tree being published (which is perfectly fine as it can be seen in Rviz as well):

'map' ---> 'odom' (through Hector_Mapping), 'map' ---> 'scanmatcher_frame' (through Hector Mapping), 'odom' to 'base_link' (through CoppeliaSim), 'base_link' to 'laser_link' (through coppeliaSim)

Step 2: '/sim_ros_interface/scan' LaserScan topic is working fine and can be seen in Rviz

Step 3: '/odom' Navigational Topic being generated through CoppeliaSim is working fine

Step 4: Following are the parameters set in Hector Mapping Launch File: toryMapWriter. HectorSM map lvl 1: cellLength: 0.1 res x:1024 res y: 1024 Problem: Map is not being generated in Rviz and when save it through 'rosrun map_server map_saver -f ~/talha' then blank map is saved

It would really appreciate if someone can please help me out.

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Show us your complete hector launch file.

jordan gravatar image jordan  ( 2020-07-04 10:19:35 -0500 )edit