Change ROS Node To Work With RPI's Standard Camera Port

asked 2020-06-25 06:56:25 -0500

ProbablyHuman gravatar image

Hi all, ive recently been trying to preform Visual Inertial Navigation using OpenVINS to track the position of a camera, and have discovered that global shutter cameras are better at tracking than rolling shutter cameras. However, most cameras that I could find which were global shutter either were too expensive, or had poor documentation. In the end, I decided to go with Arducam's OV7251 camera. The only thing left to do were to find ROS nodes to publish the cameras data as I am inexperienced writing nodes myself and fairly new to ROS.

The problem is, the repo for this camera on their github does not work with ROS, nor does it work with Ubuntu 16.04, the environment im running ROS Kientic on. After alot of searching, I managed to find a repo for one of their other products, a camera USB shield for the pi, and it works with my version of camera, ubuntu 16.04, and they included a ROS node. It even has registers for my specific camera.

Now, if there is any way to be able to publish the cameras data to ROS without buying the USB hat, I would like to invest my time into that. If not, are there any other cheaper and/or better alternatives to using global shutter cameras? And if not enough work has simply been put into this field, how bad would it be to use rolling shutter cameras for things like VISLAM, and are there any special routes/datasets I can use with rolling shutter to minimize things like artifacts? All input is appreciated, Thanks! =)

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