Problems fusing GPS data with AMCL

asked 2020-06-19 08:01:42 -0500

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We are using robot_localization and a AMCL with a previously recorded map to localize the robot. We want to improve the localizaiton in those open areas where there are not enough features for the amcl to provide a good pose covariance, so we are using a GPS RTK. We have obtained an /odometry/gps data referenced to the origin of the map in the map frame (with a custom node)

Our first attemp was to fuse the pose provided by the amcl and the /odometry/gps data using a global instance of robot_localization but there is an offset between the /odometry/gps and /amcl_pose. This is due to fact that the map was built using cartographer (with /odom /imu and /scan data). The amcl works pretty good with that map, but this map does not match perfectly with the reality (and then with the gps data) because the gps information is not included during the mapping process. Due to that offset, the ekf do not fuse correctly both measures and the robot is lost when the uncertainty of the amcl increases.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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