SLAM Parameter srr, srt, stt, str

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Hello everyone,

For my university project i use the gmapping algorithm to make a map. I use the robotino 3 from the company festo didactic and also a microsoft kinect Xbox 360 Version 1 on the gazebo simulation. I am trying to improve my parameter to get a better map, but it is really hard to make some improvement.

I know on the simulation you have a perfect odometry, but the real robot system hasnt it. I see on the parameter list from gmapping you can gave the odometry some error, but I dont know how to specify this error (srr, srt, stt, str). I think the default value are high, that is the reason that I get a bad map.

My question is: why is this value so high and how I specify the value for my robot? How can I tune my gmapping parameter to get a better map?

map_update_interval: 2.0
maxUrange: 6.0
sigma: 0.05
kernelSize: 1
lstep: 0.05
astep: 0.05
iterations: 5
lsigma: 0.075
ogain: 3.0
lskip: 0
minimumScore: 100
#Error for the odometry
srr: 0.1
srt: 0.2
str: 0.1
stt: 0.2
linearUpdate: 0.25
angularUpdate: 0.25
temporalUpdate: -1.0
resampleThreshold: 0.5 
particles: 300
xmin: -10.0
ymin: -10.0
xmax: 10.0
ymax: 10.0
delta: 0.05
llsamplerange: 0.01
llsamplestep: 0.01
lasamplerange: 0.005
lasamplestep: 0.005

I hope you can me get some tips!

Regards, Markus

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