Rviz from docker container on Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier

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OS: L4T ROS Melodic

Currently we are trying to start Rviz from a docker container on a Jetson AGX Xavier running Linux 4 Tegra.

I have been able start Rviz on a Ubuntu 18.04 system in the same docker container and now need this ported for the Jetson.

I used method 2.3 on http://wiki.ros.org/docker/Tutorials/GUI on the ubuntu system and was hoping this would also work for the Jetson however when trying to run RVIZ I get the following error code:

 [RosLogListener::messageLogged]: OGRE EXCEPTION(3:Rendering
                   ~  APIException): Unable to create a suitable GLXContext in 
                   ~  GLXContext::GLXContext at /build/ogre-1.9-i02lBV/ogre-1.9-
                   ~  1.9.0+dfsg1/RenderSystems/GL/src/GLX/OgreGLXContext.cpp (line 61)

both systems have the same ogre libraries installed.

Is this maybe something anyone here is familiar with? Should I actually be asking Nvidia?

Addition, weirdly enough the ability to launch rviz from docker was a one time thing.

The run command I use is

docker run -it \
    --user=$(id -u $USER):$(id -g $USER) \
    --env="DISPLAY" \
    --workdir="/home/$USER" \
    --volume="/home/$USER:/home/$USER" \
    --volume="/etc/group:/etc/group:ro" \
    --volume="/etc/passwd:/etc/passwd:ro" \
    --volume="/etc/shadow:/etc/shadow:ro" \
    --volume="/etc/sudoers.d:/etc/sudoers.d:ro" \
    --net=host [MyDockerImage]

The dockerfile goes as follows

 # Use the official image as a parent image.
FROM ros:melodic-robot

RUN rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/

# Set up Conan for Kinova Kortex
RUN apt-get update \
    && apt-get install -y python3 python3-pip \
    && python3 -m pip install conan \
    && conan config set general.revisions_enabled=1 \
    && conan profile new default --detect > /dev/null \
    && conan profile update settings.compiler.libcxx=libstdc++11 default\
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/

# Acquire ROS dependencies
RUN mkdir -p catkin_ws/src \
    && cd catkin_ws/src \
    && apt-get update \
    && apt-get install -y ros-melodic-rqt ros-melodic-rqt-common-plugins\
    && apt-get install -y ros-melodic-realsense2-camera \
    && apt-get install -y ros-melodic-rosmon \
    && git clone https://github.com/Kinovarobotics/ros_kortex.git \
#    && git clone https://github.com/ros/dynamic_reconfigure.git \
#    && git clone https://github.com/pal-robotics/ddynamic_reconfigure.git \
    && git clone https://github.com/tue-robotics/wire.git\
    && git clone https://github.com/ros-drivers/joystick_drivers.git\
    && cd .. \
    && rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -y\
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/

# Add tools
RUN apt-get update \
    && apt-get install -y iputils-ping \
    && apt-get install -y net-tools \
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/

# Replace the kinova CMakeList.txt with the adjusted version for ARM processors
#RUN rm catkin_ws/src/ros_kortex/kortex_driver/CMakeLists.txt
#COPY CMakeLists.txt catkin_ws/src/ros_kortex/kortex_driver/ 

# Custom package
# COPY <host dir> to <container dir>
COPY /autonomous-apple-picker /catkin_ws/src/autonomous-apple-picker

# Build ROS
RUN apt-get update \
    && apt-get upgrade -y \
    && rosdep update \
    && rosdep install --from-paths catkin_ws/src --ignore-src -y \
    && /bin/bash -c '. /opt/ros/melodic/setup.bash; cd catkin_ws/; catkin_make_isolated;' \
    && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/

RUN  /bin/bash -c "echo 'source /catkin_ws/devel_isolated/setup ...
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Your going to need to add more info on how to reproduce the issues that just the stdout of the error code for anyone to help. E.g. your Dockerfile/image, the docker run arguments, etc. I'm also not sure the stuff like nvidia-docker works on anything other than amd64, so that amy limit the use of any hardware acceleration.

ruffsl gravatar image ruffsl  ( 2020-06-03 13:44:37 -0500 )edit

I modified my question to show the dockerfile and the run command, aside from that the system is clean.

THordijk gravatar image THordijk  ( 2020-06-04 07:00:27 -0500 )edit

First thing I would recommend: start with the minimal image to test whether you can start UI applications inside a container on your Tegra.

So don't build anything else: get rid of the Kinova stuff, building your autonomous-apple-picker packages, Torch, etc.

Try to run Rviz from a osrf/ros:melodic-desktop-full image.

If that already doesn't work, none of the other stuff will matter at this time.

And to echo @ruffsl's comment: I would suggest to look at how "other people" start Docker containers with UI applications on Tegra systems.

There's nothing really ROS-specific about this. RViz is "just a Qt application" which happens to have an embedded OGRE/OpenGL window.

gvdhoorn gravatar image gvdhoorn  ( 2020-06-04 07:31:39 -0500 )edit