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0 codebase and Is still actively maintained?

asked 2020-06-01 16:12:41 -0500

omkard gravatar image

Hello all,

I would like to work on and trying to understand the code base. Is there any documentation to understand the codebase or any video tutorials?

Also, may I please know if is still actively maintained by the community?

Please advise!

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answered 2020-06-01 17:15:01 -0500

Patrick N. gravatar image

The only system level documentation I have found for are these 3 year old documents: Take them with a grain of salt. There are some videos scattered around youtube that contain some information.

Considering the planned end of life for coinciding with the end of life of ROS1, your best bet for development would be to start looking into the updated ROS2 version. The documentation is much more comprehensive, but the current capability is lacking compared to

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Hi @Patrick N.

Thanks for sharing the information you know. The documents in the link are more on how to use the Autoware Software. And, it is same with the videos on YouTube.

I have spent more than 5 months playing around with Autoware.AI and the capability it provides is huge. So, want to work with Autoware.AI. Please let me know if you encounter more on this.

Thank you very much!

omkard gravatar image omkard  ( 2020-06-01 17:29:38 -0500 )edit

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