Data from range sensor to pointcloud ROS2 Eloquent

asked 2020-05-16 10:29:41 -0500

svintissen gravatar image


I have a set of 9 ultrasonic sensor evenly spread out over 180 degrees, so that they overlap. I want to publish this data as a pointcloud in ROS2. (As of now I am publishing it as range.msg)

To start of I would like to just publish 1 point from each sensor, in the direction they are pointing. (Later I will publish a set of point from each sensor spanning their field of view).

I convert the distance from each sensor into two arrays, one containing the x-coordinate, the other containing the y-coordinate of the measured distance in relation to the robots base_link.

How do I convert the two arrays containing the points into a pointcloud? (Im using python)

Thanks in advance!

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