Gazebo model not fixed to world, Virtual/Dummy joints

asked 2020-05-13 05:22:58 -0500

matthewmarkey gravatar image

updated 2020-05-13 05:34:16 -0500

Ubunto 16.04 Kinetic Gazebo 7.16

My custom 4DOF arm.

I have successfully gotten my model in Rviz with Moveit! working to pass motion plans to a gazebo simulated model.

The issue I am facing now is that my model is not fixed to the gazebo world, so when a motion is executed, the model typically will perform the motion, but fall over in the process.

My question is this:

What is the correct way to fix a gazebo model to an empty world? I thought I was doing the right thing by introducing a dummy link/joint for Moveit! to utilize, then I created a virtual joint (into the Moveit Setup Assistant which can be seen in my arm.srdf) and connected that dummy link to the physical world, but it doesn't seem to be working...

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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