Fail to load front_bumblebee2 or front_flea3 in ros-kinetic

asked 2020-05-12 17:33:23 -0500

I have followed this guide (, and succeed to load the front_laser in ros-kinetic under Ubuntu 16.04.

But after I change the config to front_bumblebee2 or front_flea3. I cannot load the cameras to gazebo, also I cannot find the rostopic of the front camera.

Anyone know this problem?

Thank you

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Having the same issue as well. Did you ever figure it out?

jciardullo gravatar image jciardullo  ( 2020-06-01 15:32:18 -0500 )edit

Yes, you can enable the camera by uncommand the code under /opt/ros/kinetic/jackal_description/**.urdf

zhangyanyu gravatar image zhangyanyu  ( 2020-06-01 17:17:13 -0500 )edit