Why gazebo and rviz don't show the same coordinates?

asked 2020-05-02 04:21:37 -0600

mattewthep gravatar image

Hi, I'm trying to use a turtlebot3 burger in gazebo and rviz together and I want to controll it with the diff_drive_go_to_goal node from the diff_driv pkg of merose. To obtain the odometry I use the p3d gazebo plugin and for the differential controller the ros diff_drive_controller from ros_controls. The strange thing is after few movements the robot coordinates start to be different between rviz and gazebo (where they are correct I suppose because in gazebo the robot always reach the position I indicate on rviz). I noticed that changing the differential controller with the gazebo controller plugin, with almost the same configuration in the urdf file in the turtlebot3_description pkg (I only disabled the odometry publication), the issue fades out. I'd like to understand why there's this differences between using the gazebo controller instead of the ros controller.Thanks.

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