Costmap2D yaml file with Carla Simulator

asked 2020-05-01 04:53:07 -0500

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Hi everyone, I'm super new on the ROS environment and I am trying to modify on a project that I am working on a costmap2d.yaml file. The project was being used on Gazebo and the main important things that I need to change is that now the input is not anymore LaserScan from the /scan topic. The main things on the file are

global_frame: odom;
robot_base_frame: base_footprint
[... configuration of refresh, full map sharing, etc]
observation_sources: scan
scan: { data: LaserScan, sensor_frame: base_footprint, clearing: true, marking: true, topic: fake_scan}

Now I am on CARLA Simulator and I am using a ROS bridge. My problem is that I have the specific topic and the data now is PointCloud2, I. changed the data and topic parts and leaved the rest the same but it is not working.

Are global_frame, robot_base_frame important? I do not see on rostopic list the topic /odom but I do have the topic carla/vehicle/odometry.

Am I really lost? Also, where could I find some information on configuration of costmap using yaml files?

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