Create composed publisher with topic as constructor argument

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I'm using ros2 dashing. I'm trying to create composed publisher and subscriber nodes and pass the topic and message content to the nodes as an argument.

My starting point for composition are in minimal_composition examples. My starting point for passing the topic as an argument to the publisher or subscriber constructors are in demo_nodes_cpp, and specifically the talker and listener. I note that these demos appear to have changed between the dashing and master branches, removing the ability to specify the topic. It's unclear if some part of the API is now deprecated. In any case, I am building this based on dashing and the demos work on my machine.

My header for the composed talker:


#include <memory>

#include "rclcpp/rclcpp.hpp"
#include "std_msgs/msg/string.hpp"
#include "macaroon_test/visibility.h"

class TalkerNode : public rclcpp::Node
  MINIMAL_COMPOSITION_PUBLIC TalkerNode(const std::string & topic_name, const std::string & msg_base);

  std::unique_ptr<std_msgs::msg::String> msg_;
  std::string msg_base_;
  rclcpp::Publisher<std_msgs::msg::String>::SharedPtr pub_;
  rclcpp::TimerBase::SharedPtr timer_;


My source file for the composed talker (included for completeness, but the error trace below shows compilation doesn't make it through the #include for the header file):

#include <chrono>

#include "macaroon_test/talker_node.hpp"
#include "rclcpp/rclcpp.hpp"
#include "std_msgs/msg/string.hpp"

using namespace std::chrono_literals;

TalkerNode::TalkerNode(const std::string & topic_name, const std::string & msg_base)
: Node("talker")
    // Create a function for when messages are to be sent.
    auto publish_message =
        [this]() -> void
        msg_ = std::make_unique<std_msgs::msg::String>();
        msg_->data = msg_base_;
        RCLCPP_INFO(this->get_logger(), "Publishing: '%s'", msg_->data.c_str());

        // Put the message into a queue to be processed by the middleware.
        // This call is non-blocking.

    pub_ = this->create_publisher<std_msgs::msg::String>(topic_name, 10);

    // Use a timer to schedule periodic message publishing.
    timer_ = this->create_wall_timer(1s, publish_message);

    // Assign incoming message base
    msg_base_ = msg_base;

#include "rclcpp_components/register_node_macro.hpp"


I get the following error when I try to build with colcon:

In file included from /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/c++/7/bits/c++allocator.h:33:0,
             from /usr/include/c++/7/bits/allocator.h:46,
             from /usr/include/c++/7/memory:63,
             from /home/broomstick/ros2_dashing/install/rclcpp/include/rclcpp/rclcpp.hpp:142,
             from /home/broomstick/ros2_macaroons_ws/src/examples/macaroon_test/include/macaroon_test/talker_node.hpp:4,
             from /home/broomstick/ros2_macaroons_ws/src/examples/macaroon_test/src/talker_node.cpp:3:
/home/broomstick/ros2_dashing/install/rclcpp/include/rclcpp/node_options.hpp:63:3:   required from here
/usr/include/c++/7/ext/new_allocator.h:136:4: error: no matching function for call to ‘TalkerNode::TalkerNode(const rclcpp::NodeOptions&)’
  { ::new((void *)__p) _Up(std::forward<_Args>(__args)...); }
/home/broomstick/ros2_macaroons_ws/src/examples/macaroon_test/src/talker_node.cpp:11:1: note: candidate: TalkerNode::TalkerNode(const string&, const string&)
 TalkerNode::TalkerNode(const std::string & topic_name, const std::string & msg_base)
/home/broomstick/ros2_macaroons_ws/src/examples/macaroon_test/src/talker_node.cpp:11:1: note:   candidate expects 2 arguments, 1 provided

As a test, I just rolled all the definitions and implementations of the talker and listener ... (more)

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