Tf listener for navigation stack

asked 2020-04-16 03:48:20 -0500

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Hello, I am a beginner in ROS and am using hector slam for a project. I have successfully implemented the mapping and am now working on the navigation stack. As my bot doesn't have a odom source, I am using the hector slam as a source of odom. The navigation stack as stated here , requires both tf transforms and odom nav_msgs. I am able to write a node to derive nav_msgs from p_pub_odometry_topic of hector mapping but am stuck on how to derive the transforms from the following :

if (p_pub_map_odom_transform_) { tf::StampedTransform odom_to_base;

  tf_.waitForTransform(p_odom_frame_, p_base_frame_, scan.header.stamp, ros::Duration(0.5));
  tf_.lookupTransform(p_odom_frame_, p_base_frame_, scan.header.stamp, odom_to_base);
catch(tf::TransformException e)
  ROS_ERROR("Transform failed during publishing of map_odom transform: %s",e.what());
map_to_odom_ = tf::Transform(poseInfoContainer_.getTfTransform() * odom_to_base.inverse());
tfB_->sendTransform( tf::StampedTransform (map_to_odom_, scan.header.stamp, p_map_frame_, p_odom_frame_));


How do I write a tf listener for this ? Thank You for your time, Regards - Apurv.

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