canopen_chain_node reads both SDO and PDO for an object, confusing...

asked 2020-03-31 06:42:04 -0500

Brycecccccchen gravatar image

Hi, I am trying to use canopen_chain_node to read a DS406 encoder, I have already configured the object [6004] (position value) to be mapped to PDO [1A00sub1], and after I run the canopen_chain_node and call /driver/init, canopen_chain_node starts publishing [6004] topic on the desired frequency, all looks good...However, when I use the command line to show what the data encoder really sends to me when I run canopen_chain_node, I find that it sends both SDO and PDO data... 620, 5A0 are SDO data; 1A0, 2A0 are PDO data (this is weird too since I only map one PDO)...This is my eds file and yaml for canopen_chain_node configure,, I will be really appreciated if anyone can help me solve this issue. Thanks!

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