Are there any packages or libraries that perform object detection and grasping with trajectory and arm pose computations?

asked 2020-03-31 03:26:23 -0500

spiritninja gravatar image

I have a Schunk LWA4P robotic arm coupled with a Kinect v2 powered vision system for detecting medicines present on a vertical rack.

Using the depth and RGB stream for distance measurement and detecting 3D co-ordinates of medicines respectively.

I'm using a third party inverse kinematic library for angle computations which are then used to move the arm. Are there any other packages or libraries that can find 3D co-ordinates of objects and inverse kinematic computations for arm movements? Basically I want to eliminate the inverse kinematic library i'm using and make the whole process more generic and also replace the current methods i'm using to detect 3D co-ordinates of the medicines.

I've come across GPD - grasp pose detection but I wouldn't be using it as it involves neural networks which would require computational resources.

Platform: Ubuntu 14.04, ROS Indigo.

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