MoveIt! sending more the one PoseGoal

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Hi, i'm using moveit to execute multiple pose goals successively. Im sending these PoseGoals via an ROS Geometry msg. In the Callback function i am executing them with the move_group.move() command. The first PoseGoal get executed an i get the feedback: Completed trajectory execution with status SUCCEEDED ... . But if im sending a new goal nothing happens. Here my callback code:

include "ros/ros.h"
include <moveit/move_group_interface/move_group_interface.h>
include "geometry_msgs/Pose.h"

void callback(const geometry_msgs::Pose pose)
  static const std::string PLANNING_GROUP = "manipulator";
  moveit::planning_interface::MoveGroupInterface move_group(PLANNING_GROUP);
  const std::string endeffektor = move_group.getEndEffectorLink();
  move_group.setPoseTarget(pose, endeffektor);

int main(int argc, char** argv)
  ros::init(argc, argv, "Get_Goal"); 
  ros::NodeHandle n;
  ros::Subscriber sub = n.subscribe("endeffectorgoal", 1, callback);

What do i have to do to execute another goal after the first one got succesfully executed. Thanks!

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