What does `rospy.wait_for_message('/scan', LaserScan)` mean? [closed]

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Hello, I'm new in ROS melodic of Ubuntu 18.04.

I'm planning to use rospy.wait_for_message instead of callback function of rospy.Subscriber.

As far as I know, either could get a topic message, so I have a feeling that I can make something functional codes like I've used callback function.

But I've ever gotten advice that adopting rospy.wait_for_message is not so much efficient idea.

Although, I also asked why already, I don't have gotten the appropriate answer so far.

Just so you know, I'll declare 2 different rospy.wait_for_message and once I get them.

If anyone can explain to me why choosing rospy.wait_for_message is not desirable, would you please give me advice?

Thanks in advance. :)

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Duplicate of #q345674. If your previous question hasn't been fully answer please edit it to provide more information and precise what you are still missing.

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