Design choices for Parameter Server

asked 2020-03-02 05:31:00 -0500

Alsing gravatar image

I was reading in depth the wiki for Parameter Server and am curious about the right way to use it. It would seem that by default, most parameters are loaded into a node's namespace (with ros::param::get()) or a nodehandle's namespace.

This segregates all parameters into seperate namespaces to avoid name clashes and seem to be intended to be used by the node itself. If I am not wrong, ROS uses YAML-CPP to parse the configuration file into the server, but wouldnt direct loading of the parameters into the node be better than loading everything (shared and custom) parameters into a server? Would loading the node-specific parameters through YAML-CPP and only shared parameters through the parameter server be better?

Im unsure what disadvantages there are to loading everything into the Parameter Server. From what i understand theres a potential performance hit with having all the parameters cached.

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