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How to start op local planner in Carla?

asked 2020-03-02 01:37:22 -0600

jester gravatar image

updated 2020-03-06 07:42:42 -0600

According to this tutorial: I would like to start the op local planner, but the car is not moving. and The author published an older copy of his repository here: where also a pdf is uploaded and on page 34, what he launched to start his car. But for me it is still not working.

It ought to work with

When starting pure pursuit I know that waypoints are not set...

[ WARN] [1583502105.767722584]: Necessary topics are not subscribed yet ... 
[ WARN] [1583502105.801009693]: is_pose_set_ ... 1
[ WARN] [1583502105.801052959]: is_waypoint_set_ ... 0
[ WARN] [1583502105.801063629]: is_velocity_set_ ... 1
[ WARN] [1583502105.801072291]: is_config_set_  1
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answered 2020-06-30 10:16:25 -0600

Hatem gravatar image

The latest OpenPlanner (2.0) now is integrated with autoware 1.13 , you can find it here

branch openplannet.1.13

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